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Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Help for Family Farmers and Fishermen in Florida

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Chapter 12 bankruptcy is a proceeding specially designed for family farmers and fishermen. It allows you to establish a repayment plan and keep the assets you’ve worked so hard for. In most cases, a Chapter 12 filing may result in repaying only a percentage of what is actually owed, bringing tremendous relief and the opportunity to get your business back on track.

If your farm or fishing business is in financial trouble, you need the support of skilled Chapter 12 bankruptcy lawyers. In Florida, Miller, Hollander & Jeda has filed more bankruptcies than any other firm in the region. We have the knowledge and experience to see you through.

What is Chapter 12 bankruptcy?

The U.S. Bankruptcy Code defines several types of bankruptcy to serve the needs of individuals and businesses in different situations. Chapter 12 bankruptcy is very similar to Chapter 13. The main difference is that it is specifically intended to help family farmers and fishermen. When you meet with Miller, Hollander & Jeda for a free consultation, we clearly explain the differences between the types of bankruptcy filings and help you determine which works best for you.

For farmers and fishermen in Florida, Chapter 12 bankruptcy attorneys outline the goals and benefits to consider, including:

  • The ability to pay off debt over time while remaining in operation
  • Avoiding asset liquidation
  • Reducing overall debt by establishing a repayment plan that allows a percentage of what is owed to satisfy the debt
  • The ability to expediently deal with any perishable goods

Chapter 12 bankruptcy can offer a welcome solution to your financial crisis. But it is a complex process that requires careful attention. Miller, Hollander & Jeda handles your filing efficiently and effectively, setting you on the path back to financial freedom.

Reorganization and repayment under Chapter 12

Chapter 12 bankruptcy is designed to assist in both financial and operational reorganization of a family farm or fishing business. Once the filing is made:

  • You are assigned a trustee
  • You must present a plan (within 90 days of filing) to the trustee to pay off debt over a period of time, usually three to five years
  • The court decides whether to accept or alter the proposed repayment plan

Miller, Hollander & Jeda is proud to support Florida family farmers and fishermen. We are committed to helping you save your business and your livelihood through Chapter 12 bankruptcy.

Give your family business a fresh start through Chapter 12 bankruptcy in Florida

If your family farm or fishing operation is struggling with debt, we may be able to help. Let us guide you through the practical steps to get a fresh financial start through bankruptcy. Call us at 239.775.2000 or contact Miller, Hollander & Jeda online today to schedule a free, private and confidential consultation at any of our three locations in Southwest Florida.