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If your business is facing financial difficulty, you may still be able to rescue it through bankruptcy. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is an excellent option that allows a company to continue operating while gaining time to regroup and restructure without threat of lawsuits, potential tax issues or creditor actions. In Florida, Chapter 11 bankruptcy guidance from Miller, Hollander & Jeda incorporates the knowledge gained through more than 35 years of experience along with our personal commitment to the best outcome for the business you’ve worked so hard to create.

The benefits of Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is very similar to Chapter 13. The main difference is that there is no limit to the amount of debt your business owes. It also allows you, as the debtor, to retain a large degree of control as you move through the bankruptcy.

Beginning with your free initial consultation, the experienced bankruptcy attorneys of Miller, Hollander & Jeda clearly explain the process and benefits of filing for Chapter 11, including:

  • Remaining in operation while reorganizing your corporate structure and debt
  • Protecting assets that would otherwise be subject to liquidation
  • Proposing a restructuring plan that is most favorable to your company, your employees and your stockholders
  • Paying debts, including back taxes, over time
  • Providing for all debts in the bankruptcy plan, including taxes, rent, equipment payments, loans and legal expenses stemming from lawsuits

As the largest and most experienced filer of bankruptcies in the region, Miller, Hollander & Jeda has helped many small businesses and corporations file for Chapter 11. Florida clients know they can trust our thorough knowledge of bankruptcy law, as well as our dedication to helping them achieve a new financial beginning.

Offering a comprehensive understanding of your bankruptcy options

While Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the most flexible option available to both businesses and individuals, it does have certain limitations. In situations where creditors can prove fraud or negligence on your company’s part, a bankruptcy trustee would assume control. Having the resources and experience of the Florida Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorneys of Miller, Hollander & Jeda on your side is the best way to ensure that you fully understand your legal options. We provide comprehensive counsel and fight aggressively for your best interests.

Find out how you can save your business with Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Florida

If your business is in financial trouble, we may be able to help. Let us guide you through the practical steps to get a fresh financial start through bankruptcy. Call us at 239.775.2000 or contact Miller, Hollander & Jeda online today to schedule a free, private and confidential consultation at any of our three locations in Southwest Florida.