February 20, 2023

Are You Considering Filing for Bankruptcy?- 5 Things You Need to Consider

If you are struggling to stay on top of your bills, you don't need to be told how stressful money troubles can be. Each day you worry about how to feed your family while bracing yourself for the next angry phone call from a bill collector. At this point, bankruptcy seems the wisest option for many reasons. And you are right to think that. Your best bet for a successful outcome is to choose a good bankruptcy attorney.
February 5, 2023

Are You Receiving Collection Letters? Here’s What You Need to Do.

Imagine getting sick and having to put your medical bills on a credit card. You heal, and life goes on. Then, you are hit with unexpected expenses like a major car repair, or you have to replace the AC unit in your home that goes on a credit card. When the bill comes, it is more than you can afford, and in the busyness of life, you forget to make the minimum payments along the way.