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In this tough economy, many Florida residents are struggling through no fault of their own. Job loss, medical problems, divorce or various other unforeseen difficulties can lead to unmanageable debt. The law firm of Miller, Hollander & Jeda concentrates its practice in bankruptcy law, asset protection and financial problems. We have helped clients file bankruptcy throughout Southwest Florida for more than 35 years. We have the knowledge and experience to help you get a fresh financial start for yourself, your family or your small business.

Different types of bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is not right for everyone. The best way to determine the option that is right for you is to work closely with a reputable Florida bankruptcy law firm. Miller, Hollander & Jeda offers outstanding guidance and efficient bankruptcy filing. We clearly explain your options, including the different types of bankruptcy for individuals and businesses:

Chapter 7 bankruptcy for either individuals or businesses is a straight liquidation bankruptcy that:
  • Wipes out unsecured debt, such as credit cards and medical bills
  • Protects some excluded personal property from creditors

Chapter 11 bankruptcy for either individuals or businesses is an individual or corporate reorganization that:
  • Discharges all debts, including taxes, rent, equipment payments and loans
  • Allows a business to remain in operation while reorganizing its structure and debt
Chapter 12 bankruptcy is a personal or corporate repayment plan for family farmers or fishermen that:
  • Allows debt to be paid off over time while remaining in operation and expediently dealing with any perishable goods
  • Helps avoid asset liquidation

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a repayment plan for individuals with regular income, including sole proprietorships, that:
  • Helps avoid foreclosure or repossession of your house, car or other property
  • Allows debt to be paid back over time including IRS, child support and mortgage arrearages

The key to any bankruptcy is a full and complete disclosure of what you own, what you owe and anything that may be owed to you.

Miller, Hollander & Jeda’s extensive experience in handling bankruptcy in Fort Myers and throughout Southwest Florida gives you the advantage in executing your bankruptcy filing right, from start to finish.

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