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Pursuing higher education is a noble goal, but at what cost? More and more future and current students are either dropping out of college or avoiding it altogether for fear of the massive amount of debt that attending a college or university can yield. However, fear of debt shouldn’t keep you from chasing your dreams. Bankruptcy lawyers in Naples are becoming more aware of how student loan debt is weighing on graduates and non-graduates alike, and we want to help.

If you are a former college or university student or a current student who has dropped out due to student loan debt, Miller, Hollander, and Jeda are here for you. To help our clients avoid bankruptcy, we have come up with a solution to student loan debt: The Student Loan Modification Program. Within this program, we offer three solutions based on your current situation:


  • Settle Your Debt
  • Rehabilitate Your Debt
  • Consolidate Your Debt



Read on to decide which of these sounds best for your current financial circumstances. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact our Naples bankruptcy lawyers at Miller, Hollander, and Jeda today


Option 1: Settle Your DebtPhoto by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

The first option that we offer is the settlement option. This option is for you if you are current on your student loans but wish to make an offer in settlement to the lender of your student loans to keep these loans from following you for the rest of your life. This choice is excellent for people who are looking forward to owning a home, opening their own business or car, for example. These types of payments will be more significant and could potentially make it more challenging to pay your loans or mortgage in the future. Settling your debt this early in the game can also help you to avoid filing for business bankruptcy in Naples in the future if you decide to open your own business.

Option 2: Rehabilitate Your Debt

Sometimes the payment of student loans is just too much with all of the other bills we have to pay, and in order to stay current with those bills,(mortgage, electricity, gas, car payment, etc.) your student loans may be left unpaid. If this has happened to you, and your student loan has been into default for more than nine months, our rehabilitation program will be the best option for you. 

We can help you to lower your interest rate and even lower your monthly payments to an amount that is reasonable and will actually fit into your budget. Additionally, you may be able able to apply for forgiveness or even discharge a portion of your student loan if you are a teacher or in public service. 

Option 3: Consolidate Your Debt

If you owe student loans to multiple agencies, it can sometimes feel like you’re “robbing peter to pay paul” with no end in sight and little to no improvement on your financial status. If this is your situation, consolidating your debt into one loan payment can help to elevate some stress as well as organize your finances. Our bankruptcy attorneys in Naples can help you achieve this by consolidating your multiple federal student loans into one payment.  This payment is typically at a much lower interest than what you currently are paying. Consolidating your debt will also help you to gain a financial understanding and more importantly give you back financial control over your debt. 

Following your dreams and going after your goals shouldn’t cause you to lose sleep at night. Call the Naples bankruptcy attorneys at Miller, Hollander, and Jeda today to schedule a no-obligation consultation to discuss personal or business bankruptcy in Naples. We are here to help you take back control of your life and achieve financial wellness.